Top ten of the best countries in the world for surf. Part 1

los mejores paises del mundo para surfear

Recapitulation of the best countries on earth to surf

Surfing is a sport that has a unique way of changing the lifestyle of its adepts. This lifestyle consists in a new way of seeing the world, where we have a contact with nature like no other, always searching for new adventures and new countries to find the next great waves to surf. In this article we’ll talk about the best countries that you should visit to be part of that lifestyle.

Surfing in South Africa, a unique place for surfers:

South Africa is one of the best countries to surf, with some of the most impressive beaches in the world. Indeed it has one of the best bays in the world of surfing, the bay of Joffrey. In its sea, the warm currents of the Indian Ocean and the cold water of the Atlantic mix together, which makes for amazing maritime conditions.
This location is characterized by it’s beauty, and it’s rich ecosystem around which the small houses are but one with the landscape. Last but not least you’ll be able to surf with the dolphins.

Hacer surf en Sudáfrica

Surfing in Spain, one of the best countries to surf in:

Spain has some of the best beaches in the world to practice surfing. Most of these beaches are actually in the north of the country, while you can still find some awesome waves to surf in Levante, the South and the Canaries Islands.
Places like Mundaka(Vizcaya), Somo or Suances (Cantabria), and Rodiles (Asturias), all have beaches perfect for the practice of this sport. In all these places you can definitely experience this lifestyle where you’ll be completely immersed in nature.

Surfcamp de menores

Go surf in Peru, where it all started:

Although it was here, in the Caballitos de Totora, that a sport similar to surfing was born, it was cast away for religious purposes for centuries. For that reason, surfing as we know it today has become popular only recently, around 10 years ago. Every year a great numbers of surfers travel to it’s numerous beaches to enjoy the quality of the Peruvian waves. Some of the most popular spots are Órganos (Talara), Cabo Blanco, Lobitos, Máncora, Pacasmayo and Chicama.

Surf en Perú

Surfing in Mexico, an international surfing paradise:

Surfing is extremely popular in the coastal regions of the country, making Mexico one of the best countries to engage in the sport. Indeed, the young Mexicans are always getting more and more interested in surfing and it’s lifestyle.
Thanks to it’s proximity to the city of San Diego (32Km), and with at least 6 spots of international standard, Rosarito has become the Northern Meca of this discipline. On another hand, Sayulta was always known as a fishing village, but with arrival of tourists from all around the world, it has become an iconic coast for surfing.

Hacer surf en México

Surfing in the United States of America, doesn’t only take place in the movies:

Hawaii and California are the most popular destinations for surfing in the USA. Pipeline Oahu, in Hawaii is considered for most experts like the « superbowl of surfing ». Only the most experienced surfers dare to ride it’s waves, where the beaches are known for their amazing barrels, making this place one of the most mythical surf spots in the world.
In California practically all the beaches are suitable for surfing, making it one of the preferred destination for surfers from all around the world. The best period to visit this place is during the months of October and November due to it’s particular climate. This coincides with the low season making it much more accessible to realize the trip.

Hacer surf en EEUU

In the next article we’ll be talking about the last 5 countries from the top 10 countries to surf. What do you think of the first 5 on this list? In which have you surfed and which do you still have to discover? Let us know in the comment section.

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