SUP / Paddle Surf / Stand Up Paddle Courses

With us you can practice the oldest surfing techniques and the newest at the same time. Enjoy the incredible sensation of sliding your feet onto the board to stand up with no effort. Suances is one of the most complete areas in the north to surf. There is an initiation on the beach, cliffs, sealife, river and waves in the same session.
We have small groups and qualified teachers to ensure your enjoyment and safety during your stay.

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Rates of SUP Lessons

1 Class (2,5 hours): 35 €

2 Classes (5 hours): 59 €

3 Classes (7,5 hours): 79 €

4 Classes (10 hours): 99€

5 Classes (12,5 hours): 119€

7 Classes (17,5 hours): 158 €

10 Classes (25 hours): 203 €

14 Classes (35 hours): 253 €

1 Private class (2,5 hours): 49€ (high season 65€)

1 Private class for 2 (2,5 hours): 80€

Discounts for groups, contact us!


SUPs an activity of nature and adventure not without risks. To help you minimize them, we offer you the best coverage with experienced monitors, small groups and liability and accident insurance included. In addition, the SUP course also includes all the material and travel to the beaches..

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