Rental of surf boards and suits

If you prefer to surf on your own we can provide you with the equipment that best fits your needs. Hard boards (fibreglass or epoxy) for experienced surfers, soft top boards for beginners and intermediate surfers, short boards and funboards, wetsuits and bootees in all sizes, and much more.
On top of that you will get a 30% discount if you take a short course with us.

Rent surfboards and wetsuits




2 HOURS6€13€18€
4 HOURS8€15€20€
1 DAY10€20€25€
2 DAYS20€36€46€
3 DAYS27€48€63€
4 DAYS32€60€80€
5 DAYS35€70€90€
6 DAYS40€80€105€
7 DAYS45€90€115€


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