Como tumbarse correctamente en la tabla

In this video we will learn how to properly lie on a surfboard. It might sound trivial, but this position is directly linked to the efficiency of your paddling as well as your standing position on the board. If we position ourselves too much on the front side of the board, the tip will sink and make us fall forward. While if we’re too much on the backside the board will lift off the water, making us unable to surf correctly.
We therefore need to place our weight as much as possible in the midpoint in order to keep the board in a horizontal position. In this way, we’ll only have the tip of the board (around ¼ of the board) outside the water, which being curved will enable us to maintain a proper speed on the waves.

Videotutorial - Como tumbarse correctamente en la tabla de surf

Lying correctly on the surfboard influences the way we stand up on the board. A good standing position would have us place our front foot in the center or bit more forward while our back foot is almost at the end of the board.

Consequently, when we’re lying down on the board, our lower ribs should be at the same place as our front foot in the standing position, while our knees are where our back foot is going to be. For what is of our hands, once we have paddled enough and acquired the proper speed, we will place them by the side of our lower ribs. Our whole palms facing down without holding on to the edges of the board.
Finally, as soon as we feel the wave is carrying us with it, we push ourselves up on the board using our hands and our back foot, pressing down from heel to toe, to stand up in the correct surfing position.


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