What can you see in Suances

Suances is a fishing village which has without doubt the greatest summer life in Cantabria. It has a really nice atmosphere and one of the best gastronomy in the region. It stands out for its beaches, its unique natural corners and for its works of cultural value. Indeed there is nothing better to enjoy in Suances than to see all of its landscapes formed throughout history. Its long history has left us with numerous vestiges to expore. We can find the prehistoric "cave of the witches", the Cantabrian pre-Roman caste of Hinojedo or the ancient Roman villa known as Portus Blendium, which was one of the main commercial routes in the North of the Peninsula. Last but not least It is centrally located with respect to numerous important points in the region.

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Tourism and gastronomy of Suances

If you are wondering what to do in Suances, you should know that you have a wide array of choice when it comes to gastronomy with restaurants of great quality and at very affordable prices.

Suances is known for its varied nightlife, featuring the theme parties on Wednesdays. During the summer, people from all over Cantabria go, every Wednesday, to enjoy their nightlife. The so-called “Fiestas del Farrero” consist of a thematic celebration every week, such as the Hawaiian party, the pajama party or the Ibicencan party. Among them, stands out the Fiesta del Carmen, patron saint of the town.

During the summer, numerous cultural and sports activities are also carried out. Medieval markets, beach volleyball, beach handball and surf tournaments stand out among the most important events in this town. These tournaments bring together a large number of enthusiasts of these activities and many curious people who want to enjoy something different. In addition, Suances has been a passing area for competitions as important as the Tour of Spain.

At the level of gastronomic tradition, many fairs are held, among which the seafood, rice, and cod fairs stand out. You can also enjoy the numerous restaurants in the villa, which offer incredible value for money. Enjoy the typical dishes of Cantabria and the best places to eat in Suances.

Beaches, landscapes and corners of Suances

Suances has six beaches of thin sand and a variety of coves and cliffs where you can enjoy magical landscapes, wild seas and the green mountains that only the region of Cantabria offers. We give you some ideas of things to see in Suances:

  • Los Locos beach, declared in 2012 the third European Surf Reserve due to the exceptional quality of its waves.
  • La Concha beach, almost 1 kilometer long.
  • The beach of La Tablía, the wildest and most beautiful of the municipality, surrounded by impressive cliffs.
  • The beach of Tagle, is a very well preserved beach in a rural environment without buildings in sight.
  • The beaches of La Ribera and Riberuca in the Ría de San Martín are marsh beaches where tranquility reigns and numerous birds circulate in front of bathers.
  • Watchtower for whale seeing in the west end of the municipality from which they were sighted and hunted abundantly in the past centuries.
  • Puerto Calderón: from the nearby village of Ubiarco, a rural road runs along a coastline of high cliffs that ends in the peculiar landscape of Puerto Calderón, a rocky mountain that falls directly into the sea in a small unspoiled natural bay of impressive beauty.

The island effect of the 3 beaches around the Peninsula de los Locos makes the area a great choice for surfing thanks to the size of the waves, the wind and the tide. Los Locos is the beach where a great number of surfers of high competition have been forged with several European titles and several national surf, bodyboard and Stand up Paddle. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting places we can see in Suances.

Suances offers numerous unique landscapes and, thanks to its viewpoints, we can see every places of the villa:

  • From the viewpoints of Los Locos you can see the entire beach and the Punta del Bichoso Lighthouse.
  • From the Torco viewpoint there are vi