History Bio Surf Camp

In 1992 our history of surfing in Suances and our Bio history began in parallel with the acquisition of the meadow where the Biosurfcamp facilities are today.

In 2005, taking action before the damages in our coast after the sinking of the Prestige, we organized our first surfcamp, fusing stay with chats-exhibition and a course of surf. From then on, little by little, as durable projects are forged, Biosurfcamp has been configured.

The Los Locos Beach contains a good part of our dreams and illusions and great shared moments. From our own learning, in times without schools or instructors, we have forged our professional orientation in the current teaching with advanced methods, gaining a great deal of experience and acquiring materials that are safe and perfectly adapted for beginners.

The Garden of the Locos (Suances, 1990). What was once another farm in Suances, is now where the facilities of Biosurfcamp are held, a unique accommodation with great variety, ideal for resting and living a few days immersed in nature. With more then a hundred trees, and the practice of organic agriculture it is one of the largest references in the ecological family garden of the state.

Nowadays Los Locos beach is classified as a Natural Reserve of Surf for its exceptional conditions for the practice of this sport. In addition, our school has the most advanced official qualification for teaching surfing (Sports Technicians levels 2 and 1, INEF and TAFAD), Leisure Time (Coordinators and Monitors free time), and Environmental Awareness (Lose in Environmental Sciences and Biology), which strengthens our professional consolidation in this original surfcamp as well as the ecological community.

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Activities in the nature. Green Activities

For many years, Biosurfcamp has developed a series of activities in nature. These so-called green activities, in the facilities of the Biosurfcamp and surroundings, are related to the terrestrial environment, the flora and nature in general. Among these activities we have:

  • Huece de Miracebo: Learn to create and cultivate a family garden from one of the most famous orchards on YouTube, with one and a half million virtual visitors. Enjoy 10 kinds of fruit trees and 10 terraces with vegetables, cereals and legumes that have starred in 20 short documentaries.
  • Cultivate: Learn about germination, build seedbeds, make an orchard-pot to carry, transplant, dig, prune and graft in our garden. Acquire theoretical knowledge and put it into practice in our very own garden.
  • Cosmetics and natural soaps. Carry out the traditional preparation of aloe cream, toothpaste, shampoo and soaps from their own natural products. Crafting natural products can result in a nice gift and learning how to create them makes it even more fun.
  • The Farm: Feed the animals, clean the space in which they live, collect the eggs and get to know erverything there is to know about these pets.
  • Bioconstruction: Workshop on different respectful ways to build an integrated dwelling in the middle of nature: the example of the Yurta, the Domo and the straw houses.
  • Visit to the Renewable Energy Park: Come and see the 10 Renewable Energy installations, and discover how they are put into operation.
  • Workshop "The house of clean energy": Very practical workshop to assemble in scale the facilities we have in Biosurfcamp at the macro level, miniature construction of our house, installation of inventions of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Construction workshops: Learn how to make your own solar oven, solar cooker, solar thermal panel, house of energy or a grass heater.

Activities at sea. Blue Activities

For many years Biosurfcamp has also had a series of activities related to the sea. Blue activities take place on the beaches of Suances and surroundings. All of them are linked to the sea, beaches, dunes, marshes and the coast of Suances. Among these activities we have:

  • Intertidal safari: During the low tides alive, we will enter into the great diversity of marine forms that inhabit the transition strip between land and sea.
  • Fishermen: Visit a traditional fishing boat to learn the art of fishing, the fish market and fish. Socioeconomic history of the Cantabrian Sea. Experience a workshop with a local fisherman: knots, nets and tackle.
  • Origins and Marine Environment: The origin of life, of the waves; and the beaches. Geodynamics, hydrodynamics, biology and ecology of the Marine Environment.
  • Interpretation of the waves: Wave prediction models, dynamics of the "wave simulator" in the sand; to understand the weather forecast specific to surfing.
  • Surf: To complete a comprehensive learning, start this sport activity that arouses great interest and appreciation to lovers of the sea and its multiple values.
  • Indigenous and invasive plants of the coastal and dune environment. Enjoy a workshop on the unique and delicate plants of the coastal environment. It is developed together with an activity focused on eliminating invasive species as well as recovering the autochthonous species.
  • Workshop "Residues and protection of the sea": Study waste that threatens the sea (waste and garbage) as well as the regeneration of the sea (purification and self-cleaning).

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