Why Biosurfcamp?

● Biosurfcamp is a unique combination of nature, beach and entertainment where you can enjoy to the full your free time while you immerse yourself in the surf world.
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Why Surfing?

● The seaside is a favourite summertime destination. If you want to mix some action, sport and good vibes, surf is the best choice you can make to have the ultimate seaside adventure. A perfect combination to make your well-deserved holiday a success

● For balance, health and rest
● Surf is about Balance and we apply this concept to the whole project. We provide accommodation, surroundings and activities closely linked to the environment. One of our aims is to reduce the carbon footprint generated by our activity.
● It is well-known that one Rests better in the midst of nature. Your relaxation will be pure and deep being surrounded by trees, fields, and gardens.
● Life in the city is usually stressful, noisy, and polluted. You need a break to recover, this is the reason why Biosurfcamp is beneficial to your Health. A full breakfast with homegrown food, a sauna and water activities can be the key to a healthy holiday.

Why a Camp?

● Staying in a conventional holiday resort is so impersonal. In Biosurfcamp you will be steeped in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere from which friendship stems naturally from sharing breakfast, waves, and friendly experiences. If you are looking for a tranquil retreat, then Biosurfcamp is the ideal place. There you will find a peaceful oasis where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
● We offer many extras on top of our simple and appealing accommodation. You will be able to enjoy the sauna, the bbq, the surf library, bicycles, skates, longskates, slacklines, carveboards, self-guided routes. Your stay in Biosurfcamp will be much more than only a place where you can sleep. We also provide stretching and relaxation classes, functional training on land, surfing world theories, and open-air movies to enhance this unique experience.

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