Blue Activities

Actividades vinculadas al mar realizadas en las playas, dunas, marisma y costa de Suances

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Intertidal Safari

Taking advantge of the low tide, we set out to discover the great variety of sea forms which live on the borderline between land and sea.


Visit a traditional fishing boat, learn about fishing skills, the fish market and fishes. History and socialeconomy of the Cantabrian Sea.

Origins and Marine Environment

The origins of waves, beaches. Geodynamics, hydrodynamics, biology and ecology of the Marine Environment.

Reading the Waves

Models for the prediction of waves, dynamics of the “wave simulator” on the sand, understanding the weather forecast related to surf.


To summarize, this sport generates great interest and appreciation for the sea and its multiple values in all who practise it.

Indigenous and Invasive Plants from the Coastline and the Dunes

Visit and workshop about the unique and delicate plants of the coastline as well as on the invasive species that threaten them. This will involve the eradication of an invasive plant and the planting of an indigenous one.

“Waste and Sea Protection” Workshop

Waste that threatens the sea: dumping, rubbish. Sea regeneration: purification and autopurification. Activity involving collecting the rubbish and develop a message through the creation of a mural “Land Art” and “Ephemeral Art”

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