BioSurfCamp Background

Tubo Surf Suances CantabriaIn the year 1992, our surfing history in Suances and our Bio history started simultaneously with the purchase of a field where Bio Surfcamp is currently established.

In 2005, we took action against the damage being done to our coast after the Prestige oil disaster. We organized our first surf camp fusing a living space, talks and exhibitions and a surfing course. Since then, little by little, the way long-lasting projects are forged, Biosurfcamp has evolved to what it is today.

The Los Locos beach haunted our our dreams and nurtured our hopes. Those were great times when we went from learning on our own, at time when there were neither schools nor instructors, to todays advanced teaching methods combing greater expertise and equipment perfectly suited for initiation.El Huerto de Los Locos, Suances, 1990

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What used to be just another piece of land now houses Biosurfcamp installations, with special accommodation and numerous nooks to relax and live in harmony with nature for a few days. It includes more than one hundred trees and is designed for the practice of organic farming. Indeed it is one of the main models of home-based organic gardening in our country.

Nowadays, the Los Locos beach is listed as a Surf Natural Reserve owing to the exceptional conditions it offers. Our school boasts the most advanced official qualification for the teaching of surf, thus confirming our expertise both in the areas of surf camp and the environment.

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